Int. Fire Station - Night
The fire truck pulls in, lights flashing silently. An air of defeat hangs over the men.
Chief Patterson
( to himself )
Stop forgetting the hose.
Int. Laurel's House - Kitchen - Night
Laurel arranges gummi bears on a platter while Armando watches. The tension is palpable.
I've never done anything like this before.
Living Room
Laurels sets the platter on the coffee table for the children. Armando hands her a glass of wine.
You're going to be fine.
Int. College Classroom - Day
George and Nadia pack up their books and file out.
Tell me why we can't date again?
I'm not attracted to you.
Ext. Tennis Court - Continuous
Nadia serves aggressively to George's backhand.
Not attracted meaning repulsed? Or not attracted meaning you've never considered how hot I am.
Int. Nadia's Station Wagon - Continuous
The car idles in traffic.
Don't you agree "Repulsed" is a little extreme, but so is "hot?"
Ext. Georga and Nadia's Wedding - Continuous